Mar. 15th, 2010

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Earlier this morning I received this message in my LJ inbox:
You only post your SPN fic at dreamwidth? I'm reading your new one there, but I wanted to fav it... don't have an account.

And for a moment, I felt bad. I want to be able to share my stuff with everyone and have them be able to save/bookmark/etc. I even considered posting my fic on LJ again - but, only for a moment.

You see, I set up at DreamWidth for a reason. Mainly - LJ's last fuck up with the links really bothered me. Then I decided that I wanted to do a community that would not only hold my fanfic/fanart - but anything that I work on creatively, hence the name: [community profile] relevant_creativity

I have a pretty kick-ass tags system that I am extremely proud of (and also love - can we say nested tags FTMFW?? \o/) and a decent layout that once I set some time aside, I'm going to customize.

So in all, I decide to stick with my original decision to post everything at my new creative journal. I may get a lower readership, but I'm okay with that. Because now I know that no matter what happens, my stuff will be safe. I'm also a bit lazy about ending up maintaining two different versions of the same thing. I'd much rather be writing or whatnot.

Now, I promise you there is a point to this. Really.

Seriously, there is a point! )

So, there you have it. My reasoning on moving over to DW and why I think you should at least consider it.

And yes, commenting is disabled at this post on LJ, as I don't want to have to import all the comments (and therefore the entries) to this DW account. You can post with your OpenID.

Also - feel free to point others to this post. ♥

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