Mar. 16th, 2010

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I'm sure many of you may have noticed that I made a few cuts in regards to the people I had on my F-List. This isn't anything against you personally. It's more about me being able to be more aware of my friends list and being able to keep up with everyone as they expect.

If you can't read this entry you have been cut.

You were cut if I felt you met one or more of the following:

A) You never comment on my journal - As in never
B) You haven't updated in ages
C) I find myself skipping over your entries w/o even reading
D) Our interests are so different now, that I felt it was time to move on
E) All I get from you is spam - nothing noteworthy - and not just once, several times a day

Also, if I just friended you recently due to a meme (mostly an SPN related one) please let me know, I'm sorry!

If you feel there was an error, comment here (all comments are screened) and we'll talk.

And if you want to take me off your list, feel free to do so. No hard feelings. (Even if I haven't de-friended you)




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