Mar. 23rd, 2010

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I wrote this for [ profile] spnland a little bit ago and am finally getting around to sharing it. I have to say that I am pretty proud of the fact that I was able to pull my thoughts together for this - there's so much to say, it's hard! Also, I also want to gloat a bit about the fact that this baby here won me first place in the challenge I wrote it for. \o/

Any and all discussion is welcome, I'd love to get opinions and thoughts on this. I am also working on a write up focusing solely on Sam & Dean's relationship - let me know if there's anything you'd like me to cover, I'll try my best!

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Many thanks to [ profile] yay_sockeriffic - our many discussions led to the majority of what is written ♥

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My best friend just IMed me and for a moment I was all \o/, then she gave me the news: Apparently her mom's dog just had spinal surgery because some bitch was angry enough to stomp on a FIVE POUND DOG.

Yes, you read that right. I'm just going to copy & paste the bits of our convo that are important:

[ profile] cbunch: Kevin's wife, Lori, STOMPED Missey because she was mad at mom
[ profile] cbunch: Missey had to have spinal surgery yesterday to repair her broken back....gonna cost mom $5,000.00
[ profile] cbunch: and mom isn't working since she's disabled
[ profile] cbunch: I told Kev that I never wanted to see her again, and that mom was going to press charges for cruelty to animals

Her mom has started a FaceBook group here & has a requested for donations via PayPal. (see notes at bottom about this)

This is what Darlene has on the FB group:

Missey, my little dog, was recently abused and is left with a broken back as a result. Her only options were to be put down or to get a $5,000.00 surgery to repair her spine. Since she is a part of this family, I would not even contemplate putting her to sleep, so she went in for surgery today (Monday, 3/21). I have used all of my available resources and have come up with $2,500.00, but I have no way to get the other half. Please donate anything that you can spare to help me save my baby!

I'm asking y'all to help spread the word, please.

Darlene is one of the most loving people I have ever met and she welcomed me into her home seven years ago and accepted the fact that I was her daughter's best friend, no questions asked - even though Casey and I had only known each other a few short weeks then. I have spent so many weekends at her house being run over by her ankle biters - the thought of this sweet tiny little dog hurt this way really kills me. Darlene's disabled and living off Social Security - anyone in the US knows that that isn't a lot. Plus she's got two young kids living with her and her own mom, who's around 90 years old now. They're family to me, very close family.

I wouldn't ask for help if I didn't know that they needed it. Casey can't help as her and her husband have just bought a house. So please, if you can't donate - just help spread the word, this post is public.

All I know is that right now, they have nothing else and that this is going to set them back for a long time to come. Help me spread the word so that she can meet that goal and even surpass it, so some relief is sent her way.

If necessary - I'll set up a PayPal account under my name - just let me know. I just - I am so fucking far away from my best friend and her family and I have no money. This is the only way I can help.


To Make Donation Via Paypal: Instructions borrowed from [ profile] hope_in_sight, because they worded it so well!

Make your donation to via Paypal. Once you have done so, comment here to let me know. Make sure to include the amount of the donation so I can keep track of them. ♥

On the "Review your payment and send" screen (get to it by "Send Money," putting in your address & the amount, and choosing "Personal" and "Gift"), you should see "Payment Method" in the middle of the screen. You can change it there if necessary. "Instant Transfer from [your bank account]" is fine, as is "eCheck" or "PayPal balance." It should default to Instant Transfer if you have a bank account with PayPal already.

Please send the money via Paypal by means of a bank transfer, eCheck, or PayPal balance, because then there are no processing fees and no limits. We strongly discourage people from paying via Paypal with a credit card.

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