Apr. 7th, 2010

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So I, of course, could not leave well enough alone. So I went and changed the top navigation and the footer. What I had yesterday was bothering me, so, here we are.

Screenshot #1: This is what it would look like when you hover over the menu. I also cleaned it up a bit, made it prettier. Much better this way I think. The footer was also changed, smoothed it out into one block. Nothing else is different.

Screenshot #2: So let's pretend we're at the create page or at the post page - this is what the menu would look like if your at a page that falls under the selected category.

Screenshot #3: And of course, what the home page itself looks like w/o hovering and such. Duh.


Compare it to yesterday's mockup and tell me what you think. I like this version so much better.

Now, I really really want to do this. But I want to hear opinions and thoughts on it. Feel free to direct others over here, as the post is public.

I'm also thinking of doing a mockup for the post page & the profile page. But not tonight. When I slept earlier I dreamt like my life was run by Photoshop & CSS - I don't need that again! >_> PLUS - I am going to bed earlier than I have all week \o/

PS: So, who read LJ's latest? Read the comments (in particular this one - I also chimed in) - it makes me realize how spoiled we are here at Dreamwidth. *snuggles DW* ♥ OH and I read somewhere in there that LJ now has those annoying ads that black out the rest of the page and re-direct you? EW, God, I hate those! /o\ I feel for those w/ free accounts.

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