Apr. 28th, 2010

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This story was brought to my attention by [livejournal.com profile] aldehyde and it's got me all up in arms now. Fandom: This is the kind of stuff that should be thought about carefully before you post a story/artwork/whatever.

First off, I have a screen print of the entire story - JUST IN CASE. You never know, right?

Second: I would have read this even if [livejournal.com profile] aldehyde hadn't mentioned anything in regards to it because I've read this author's stuff before. Or more like...skimmed it. (Let's not get off subject and talk about the horrible grammar and atrocious tense changes that occur every other verb.)

I had a forewarning about what the story contained, but nothing - nothing - could have ever prepared me for the callus and casual treatment this author gave the issue of suicide.

I'll go ahead and warn you: The following text is considered to be a trigger, please read with caution. Also, I'm placing the text under a cut.

Click here for excerpt from story )

I cannot begin to say how offended I was - AND STILL AM - by that paragraph. I couldn't help myself and commented on the story. (Comment screen printed as well - Good thing too, as she deleted it)

I generally enjoy most of your stuff - but this? Leaving aside the whole problem with stalking (which, hello - it does not work out that way), how in the world can you demean something as serious as suicide?

Not only that but you didn't warn at all for the fact that there would be thoughts of suicide, nor for the fact that they were right at the beginning of your story. This story was a trigger for me and the result is that I'm very upset - most especially over your casual attitude over it.


Up your rating to at least R and WARN for the fact that there is serious stalking and talk/thinking of suicide.

Not only does the author delete the comment, but she replies to me with this: (Screen print)

I'm truly sorry you've had difficulty with depression and suicidality.

I understand those issues, deeply.

I never said he stopped being suicidal.

that said. Please refrain from yelling at me in my own journal. It's jarring and rude.

If you're having really negative thoughts. check with your doctor or therapist asap.


Excuse me? Did I miss the memo where you know about me and my life? You obviously don't understand the meaning of the word "trigger" and don't understand how fucking serious of an issue it is. And you obviously do not unde4rstand "those issues" deeply enough, considering how blase you make the whole situation seem. Please refrain from yelling at me in my own journal. It's jarring and rude. - Can we discuss how jarring it was for me to read your story? TO READ THE FIRST PARAGRAPH? You open up your story to comments and I can say what I fucking please.

Deleting the comment and sending me this via PM was not what I was expecting. I expected you to be mature and admit that oh, okay - maybe I screwed up. Maybe I should had a warning to the story. Has she? No.

Fuck you bitch - you have seriously pissed off the wrong person.

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