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[personal profile] landshark, [personal profile] nantahala and I have been working diligently on a newsletter for SPN Fandom here on Dreamwidth. It's all very exciting and there's so much stuff! /o\

You can find us here: [community profile] spn_dreamwidth

For those of you reading at LJ, we have a mirror version there as well - the whole point of this newsletter is to inform everyone of all the shiny that exists here on DW. You can find us on LJ @: [ profile] spn_dreamwidth

I can't say how proud I am of this project. And I'm ridiculously lucky to have such lovely co-mods/editors - They absolutely rock and have kept me going on this. If not for them, this issue would not have existed. *smothers them with love* ♥

If you want us to follow you, please leave at comment here at our aggregate account.


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