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Things are going good - still. My brother is back and he's a bit calmer. Still have to help him and stuff - but, it's good.

Work is great - unless my students don't show up. Dude, it's raining. A lot, I know. If I have to show up - you better show up too. *glares at them*

Cute Boy is well - cute - seriously. Last night he declared "I am not a gentleman, at all" - to which I replied with "Gentlemen are overrated" - It took him almost ten minutes to realize that I was agreeing with him about how gentlemen aren't always gentlemen. His moment of "OH, wait, you're agreeing with me!" was too funny. Also, on his facebook info page he has this: religious views: waffles. I might die from how friggin' adorable he is. Oh and he plays the guitar and likes to cook. *flails*

I'm actually running late - had a swim today. Later than I'd planned because they had to do maintenance, but it was nice. Have to finish getting dressed again so I can go catch the bus. Woooo...

Also, before I forget: { consultation & schedule changes } for [ profile] paperlegends

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