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So, I can't sleep - even though I'm tired. But whatever. Questions for y'all.

I can't do polls here on DW, so I'll be making my post over at LJ public and make it there. EITHER WAY, you can still comment here if you want - since I won't be opening comments up over at LJ. I know, I know. Way to complicate it - but I'm a lazy ass and want to keep all the comments in one place.

[Poll #1602319]

PS: I'd either be running this alone or I'll have to find someone (or even someones) to help, since my lovely co-mod [personal profile] faynia will be too busy to help. She's getting all edumakated and such!

And I'm thinking of doing it at DW (and having the community imported over here) because that way, the stories that are really long can all be posted in ONE post \o/. So, let me know.

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