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Alright guys - I know that you've all heard me go on and on about Dreamwidth vs. Livejournal and how much better I deem Dreamwidth to be. I've had my reasons from the beginning (when I really started to get into DW) mainly: accessibility, user input, customer service, coding standards, etc. But now? Now it's gone beyond that. I don't know how many of you have been made aware of the latest fuckery going on in the recent LJ News post, but all I can say is that LJ's issues are getting way, way, way out of hand. Following is a collection of links that I've gathered in the last hour or so of surfing, reading comments, clicking on more links, etc. Read through them and take from them what you will.

First: Yes, LJ will be implementing the changes in regards to Facebook/Twitter. But according to staffer [ profile] marta, it won't be for at least another 2 weeks.

A really great reply by [ profile] silver_ariel to LJ's News post.

LJ staffer trolls the news post
The staffer in question is [ profile] brenden, the mod from the ONTD community. He was going through posting as [ profile] getyourownbitch.

Here all the comments have been re-posted by [personal profile] jessicaarnold, the person having the "conversation" with [ profile] brenden.

Someone managed to get a screenshot of the majority of the conversation.

Stemming from that, it turns out that
LJ staff are going around deleting comments in both the current news post and the previous ones.

To show the difference between staff deleted comments and user deleted comments, someone did a test.

Then, amidst everything - something else came to light. It turns out that back in May, an LJ staffer left a comment on a LOCKED FRIENDS ONLY post. The staffer is [personal profile] dnewhall. He tried to claim the post was public at the time, which it wasn't. When it was looked at further by LJ staff, they changed the privacy of the post to PUBLIC, changed the tag setting and THEN claimed that the post had been public all along. I got this information from [personal profile] arkady here - she's got links to it all. Here is a post by [personal profile] charmian with more information.

All I can say is - DISTURBING beyond anything. It just goes to prove how unsafe our private/locked entries are. LJ staff does not respect its users at all.

Again with [personal profile] brenden trolling the news post. But not only that, he's also been known to harass and bully LJ users. All because they expressed their dislike of ONTD.

For those curious, some good information about how LJ/FB interact. Someone even posted under their FB account.

[ profile] no_prey_remains posted some information about Canadian Social Networking Law.

[ profile] jhumor posted info about US Social Networking Laws.

A collection of links in regards to LJ staffer [ profile] markf's (head of LJ Abuse Prevention) comments on importing entries and comments to DW.

More pingback testing. From back when it was re-instituted and again, a week later.

And LJ has also instituted a new "nifty" little feature: A "share this" button at the bottom of posts. I haven't noticed this at all, but from what I've read it allows other users to cross post your entries.

Very well written and thought out breakup letter to LJ by [personal profile] dydan
Link removed - The reason I did this here, a post by [personal profile] shanaqui

A good comment explaining communities moving over to DW.

And if you want to find your LJ friends on DW (and they are using the same username) use this widget - thanks to [personal profile] dragonfly, here.

Again - if you're interested, I have plenty of Dreamwidth invite codes. Also, until the end of the month, you may also use the code VOX to sign-up for an account on Dreamwidth.

This entry is public both at DW & LJ - feel free to share the info.

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The whole thing gets worse and worse. Just. Ugh.

Some expiremtns & LJ shows your FULL RL name
Pingback testing
Update to above: More Pingback issues

IDEK what to say anymore. *headdesks repeatedly*

Okay guys - want to know how bad the whole pingback thing is? I've disabled pingbacks for [ profile] camelotsolstice and yet, I'm still getting them. Again - I am very tempted to move the entire fest over to DW for sure. Ugh.

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*cackles evilly when LJ doesn't load and DW does*

Interesting thread at LJ-Maintenance

ETTAAAAA: LJ - you silly goose you, I cannot reply to comments IF YOU DO NOT WORK AS YOU ARE EXPECTED TO

ETTAAAA #2: LJ - When You make an announcement PLZ TO BE HAVING RELEVANT INFORMATION ON IT - I do not give a crap about ONTD or it's subsidiaries or what not. FOR FUCK'S SAKE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY YOU ARE NOT WORKING
** Please note that the announcement may not load. Hah, the irony - it cracks me up **

If the news page at LJ doesn't load for you then: have a screenshot of the e-mail

ETAAAAAA #3/4whatever: oh really LJ - NO SHIT

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