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Okay - Um, I don't know what to say really. My head is very much spinning and I'm gonna have to re-watch like, a bazillionty times or something. But still - some thoughts:

* THE IMPALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ Just - what they did there? THAT made me HAPPY like - SRSLY happy. And the bits we got of them as little boys? SO SO SO SO HAPPY. Just ♥ I cannot express how HAPPY this makes me. Like, y'all know she's my favorite character. I AM HAAAPPPYYYYYY ♥ *clings to Impala*

* Loved that Lucifer knew about the rings, it would have been too easy otherwise. And he's so calm about it. *pets him*

* Dean looks so fucking pretty when he's out of options and is grabbing at his hair and his eyes are all ~watery~ UNF

* The fact that Azazel had the demons following Sam around his whole life - All I can think about is what John would have done had he known this

* Sam & Cas' goodbye was TOO adorable for words - Just *cuddles Cas*

* Dean popping in the tape and just driving up to Michael & Lucifer = HELL to the YAY-EH-AH ♥

* I screamed when Cas blew up - Just *flails* And when Bobby's neck was snapped, I started crying. Urgh - Not cool. BUT THEN I WAS HAAAPPPYYYY WHEN CAS CAME BACK. Funny though, I asked "Cas, are you God?" like 2 seconds before Dean *giggles*

* I know some people are all like OMG DEAN DOESN'T WANT THAT LIIIFFFFFEEE - but, he kinda does. I think, in a way more than Sam. This is all just me being "thinky" and whatnot, but - Dean has always held back the desire for normal, just done what John said and nothing else. Sam fought for it tooth and nail his entire life and even got it for a little bit. I can understand Dean wanting to go to Lisa (though I don't like it). Why?

She most likely represents and ideal for him. Of what a wife/mother is supposed to be like. Ben is like the perfect kid. If he's going to go for the apple-pie life, why not go for the cookie cutter family?

I also find the role reversals in regards to them wanting it awesome. And, in complete contrast from when they were kids, Sam told Dean to go for it. While, I'm pretty sure, was not what happened as they grew up. Or did it?

* Chuck is not God - I don't buy, but that's just me. Or was he possessed? I mean, who the hell is powerful enough to be a vessel to GOD? *ponders this* I also liked the references to how fans aren't gonna be happy no matter what. And I felt like it was a nice goodbye to Kripke - even if he's not "really" leaving. You know?

* Sam at the end. Just. That part has me. Just. WHAT??? But's my theory:

God brought back Sam as payment for his sacrifice. Maybe this is what God wanted all along? Anyway - the flickering streetlight? I've seen mention of it being Lucifer, Sam as a demon/angel, etc. I think that when God brought back Sam, he took him straight to Dean and He's the reason for the flickering light, not Sam - maybe Sam asked for it? And that's why we have the almost blank, almost lost look on Sam's face. Like "Oh, he did it. He's normal now" or something. I dunno.

I'm thinking that Sam will either let Dean go and something will happen to bring him to his brother again (and hell, I can just imagine the punch from Dean for that!) or we'll have a mirror of the pilot - which, would make me all kinds of happy. Like - it would be awesome.

*whew* I think that's it. I'm tired and dead almost and OMG I need sleep. Today is a day off for me, so I'll be sleeping in and then doing work.

*crawls into bed to weep over show*

Quick eta: The Epic Love Story of Sam and Dean: This episode was entirely about love.
Thanks to [ profile] familiardevil for the link

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